eTree '2001 and '2003

This is a method for modeling and rendering a procedural tree in real-time. A branch glowing algorithm is introduced for progressively modeling the tree. The algorithm also provides the capability of tweaking the shape of the tree in a parametric way. The demonstration program shows the performance of this method.

Demo program for OpenGL/Win32
- The demo program is implemented with VC++ 6.0, in 2001, and refactored with VC++ 2003, in 2003. Rendering implementation is based on OpenGL 1.1. I developed and tested it on a laptop of 1.2G Celeron CPU with ATI Radeon M6 video card, 16M video-memory on broad. It goes about 40 fps.

- Make sure you have hardware-accelerated OpenGL runtime library installed instead of the software-simulated one that was pre-installed by Windows. If not, great fps drop appears. Usually, the correct OpenGL runtime library is shipped with the latest driver of the video card. The caption of the demo program window shows the name of the current OpenGL runtime library in use. It is expected that the name contains the model of your video card.

- Be CAUTION when turning [ Tree Total Depth ] and [ SSE. Dep. Attenuate ]. Large values of the two parameters would make a low-end PC run very slowly. However, a powerful PC with Pentium VI CPU and 256M memory can go with both parameters reach the maximum.

- All global parameters mentioned in the report ,english version, is named as the following in the UI of the demo:
Terms in paper
Terms in UI
  Tree Total Depth
  SEG. Expand Angle
  SEG. Len. Attenuate
  SEG. Rad. Attenuate
  SEG. Twist Angle
  SSE. Bifurcate Angle
  SSE. Dep. Attenuate
  SSE. Scale Attenuate

The demo program:[ Win32 Executable ] [ Source code ]

Wireframe view

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2