TexSynth '2003
Texture synthesis is to generate textures of desired size according to a given texture example. The synthesis result should be sufficiently different from the given sample texture but should be perceived by humans to be the same texture. To solve this problem, currently patch-based approach is the most effective method.

This work investigated an optimized patch size related to specific texture example. An optimized patch size is estimated based on measuring the levels of details of the texture. It is solved based on the stationary assumption of the underlying stochastic process and the stationary is measured in different resolutions. The algorithm is presented in the report.

Report: An Algorithm for Detecting Optimized Patch Size For Image Quilting
[ English version '2003 high resolution PDF ]

The result of Image Quilting with optimized patch size is available:[ Samples of 152 textures ]

An example

An optimized patch size

A map of seam errors