UI Course '2002

The homework in Advanced UI Course in GSCAS includes Keyboard simulation with chinese PinYing input method, face detection in still image and voice recognition.

Demo system
An Active-X control handles all core algorithm and a Win32 executable hosts HTML contents and the Active-X control. The two components communicate via javascript/D-HTML that the host executable loads.
The program is designed to run on Win2000 with IE 6.0 or aboves.
Copy GDI+ runtime library (gdiplus.dll) to system32 directory if running on Win2000. WinXP and aboves already have the files.

Keyboard simulation: [ Design Report PDF ] [ User Manunal PDF ] [ Source code ]
Face Detection: [ Design Report PDF ] [ User Manunal PDF ]
Voice Recognition: [ Design Report PDF ] [ User Manunal PDF ]

Demo program: [ Win32 Executable ]

Screen Snapshot
of the Demo Program

Face detection

Voice Recognition